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Colleges/University Applications

Grand Canyon University

GCU          Apply Now

GCU offers a dedicated team of counselors, student services representatives familiar working specifically with the Native American population.

Scholarships and Grants

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

SIPI_logo      Apply Now

This community college provides post secondary training programs that are specific to the needs of the National Indian Community.

Scholarship and Grants

New Mexico Highlands University

NMHU_Athletics_logo    Apply Now

This University strives on fostering creativity, critical thinking, and research within a diverse community.

Scholarships and Grants

New Mexico State University – Grants Branch

  Apply Now

As a NASA Space Grant College, a Hispanic-serving institution and home to the first Honors College in New Mexico, NMSU offers an accessible education that shapes bright futures

Scholarships and Grants

University of New Mexico

UNMLogoVertColor  Apply Now

UNM will provide students the values, habits of mind, knowledge, and skills that they need to be enlightened citizens, to contribute to the state and national economies, and to lead satisfying lives.

Scholarships and Grants

Diné College

Dine_College_logo   Apply Now

This community college offers a Shiyazhi College Day for Pre-K to 8th students and a College 101 for 9th to 12th grade students. Their faculty and staff thrive on diverse student populations and campus events catered to Native populations.

Scholarships and Grants

Navajo Technical University

NavajoTechnical   Apply Now

This University believes each student have the innate ability and intelligence to acquire academic and technical skills.

Scholarships and Grants

Fort Lewis College

2011-07-28_14-41-24.568   Apply Now

Fort Lewis College is located in a beautiful area in Colorado that has a diverse student population and great outdoor programs.

2020-21 First Year Tuition Merit Scholarships

Native Skyway to Success – Great for First Year Native Freshmen!

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