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FACE (Family and Child Education)


To’Hajiilee Family And Child Education Program (FACE) serves children prenatal to five years of age. It consists of two components, Center-based Component and Home-based Component. The FACE Program has been in the community for over twenty years. It is a very successful program and has served many families and their children throughout the years.

Center-based Component: The preschool age child and parent both come to school together. The child will attend the Center-based classroom to receive pre-readiness skills while the parent attends the FACE Adult Education classroom. Here the parent can work towards obtaining his/her GED, and/or pre-course work to attend college/secondary education.

Home-based Component: The Parent Educator will conduct home visits and do fun learning activities with you and your child using the Foundational Visit Plan. Home visits are conducted bi-weekly.

  • Center-base for preschool aged children (3-5 years)
  • Adult Education for families of children who attend FACE Center-base
  • Home base services for expectant mothers, infants and toddlers (prenatal – 2 years)


Elayne Costello, Dean of Early Childhood Services
Katrina Nez, Early Childhood Coordinator (TECCS)
Alvino Sandoval, Project Manager of Early Childhood Services
Malerie Tso, Developmental Specialist II (TECCS)
Loria Platero, Parent Educator (FACE)
Helen Johnson, Co-Teacher (FACE)
Natalia Kuzmina, Adult Education Teacher (FACE)

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