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TóHajiilee Community School
P.O. Box 3438
TóHajiilee, New Mexico 87026
(505) 908-2426/2446

Family Center

Family CenterThe To’Hajiilee Family and Community Resource Center, is a place where Students, Parents; extended family members and community members are welcome to come by; we invite you to become engaged in the academic Success of all our students here at school.

We know we have the best teachers and administrations here that will help our students succeed; we invite parent’s community members to come and sit in class with your child.  To do this you must follow the student hand book policies, and procedures.  All Visitors must sign in when you come in and come to the Family Center then we will go with you to the class rooms.

We invite all our parents to come and become volunteers.  Volunteers must follow policy and procedures as well. We go out to the community and we do what is known as knock and Talks with community members, families Students, and businesses.

We are a resource connection to outside sources, and invite various different speakers to come to the Family Center and provide information about their organization, their resources to parents and community. We work side by side with our families when families are in need.  If we don’t know the answers we will research to help find answers t hat will help in the student educational success.

This community is a gold mine, of talented student’s parent’s extended families and community members.  The Family Center is a place where you can come share your talents with us. Thank and we look forward to meeting with you throughout the year.


Elayne Costello, Dean of Early Childhood Services
Katrina Nez, Early Childhood Coordinator (TECCS)
Alvino Sandoval, Project Manager of Early Childhood Services
Malerie Tso, Developmental Specialist II (TECCS)
Loria Platero, Parent Educator (FACE)
Helen Johnson, Co-Teacher (FACE)
Natalia Kuzmina, Adult Education Teacher (FACE)

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