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TCS Resource Flyer

Go to our COVID-19 Parent & Student Resources page for more assistance.

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April 23rd – TCS Food Distribution

Click Here for Free Outdoor Wifi in ABQ locations.

The City of Albuquerque has extended it’s public access to free WiFi hotspots (wireless internet connections) by providing additional locations in areas where social distancing is possible. This will help provide internet access to as many folks as possible while allowing residents to maintain social distancing guidelines.

The site will be updated as more locations become available.

Wifi Locations in ABQ

Tips & Guides to Zoom and Google Classroom

On March 13th, To’Hajiilee Community School has since transitioned to distance learning through other technological alternatives. Program that TCS adopted as a form of communication with our students are Zoom and Google Classroom. We wanted to give you a guide to operating the systems and you’ll become a pro in no time!

Zoom Help

An easy reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.

Students will have to download their own zoom. Teachers will be in touch with students in regard to meeting ID #’s and passwords.

Zoom Meeting Tutorial Video from TCS’s own, Mrs. Coonsis!

How to Use Zoom for Students & Parents – YouTube Video

Comprhensive Guide to Educating Through Zoom – This link takes you to Basic : How to Get Started on Zoom for Parents/Students, Administrator’s Guide to Managing Zoom, and Teacher’s Guide to Educating on Zoom.

Google Classroom Tips & Tutorials

Students can utilize this resource to keep their school work in one place.

Students will receive information from their Teachers. Students must log in with a google account.

TCS Google Classroom Log In Links:

6th -8th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, and 12th Grade

TCS issued Chromebooks and Google Classroom log in tips:

Students are signing in with the same username and password as other students, and therefore they can’t get in. Families need to make their own account.

Parent’s Ultimate Guide to Google Classroom – Article

Google Classroom Student Tutorial – YouTube video

5 tips every teacher must know about Google Classroom – YouTube video


The Nurtured Heart Approach

The Nurtured Heart Approach® is a teaching for a parent that comes straight from the heart. You praise your child, rather than break their spirit by scaring them. You learn to paint a picture with words of what wonderful things you see your kids doing in that one split moment. You recognize the “GREATNESS” within your children and you bring it to life. It teaches you to energize the positivity in your kids and to let the negativity go.

Parents are taught to live in the NOW and whatever happed in the past, even five minutes before, to put it behind and move forward. It’s a different way of looking at parenting, maybe even an easier way to help those who struggle with it. Understanding that sometimes we do have set backs, just RESET (taking a quick break) and start over.

The Nurtured Heart Approach® shows forgiveness and reminds us all that there is something great in each of us; we just have to be willing to find it. This approach isn’t only for children; it can be used with adults as well. It helps us to tame our heart into knowing that violence isn’t the only way to get what we seek. With this approach there come three stands:

  • Absolutely NO, Absolutely YES, and Absolute CLARITY.
  • Absolutely NO: do NOT energize negativity.
  • Absolutely YES: DO energize positivity.
  • Absolute CLARITY: being CLEAR about rules and boundaries.

The number one thing to remember with the approach is that it is a PROCESS, and it doesn’t just happen overnight. Being very consistent with the approach and having trust in it will bring great results.
Here are a few positive outcomes:

  1. Having a more positive relationship with your child
  2. Motivating your child to succeed academically
  3. Learning to overcome failure
  4. Children take notice of their own Greatness and are inspired to believe in themselves

For more information on NHA and available trainings, please visit the website Children’s Success Foundation or contact Katrina Nez, EC Coordinator, @ 908-2100 or Natalia Kuzmina, FACE Adult Educator @ 908-2426 ext. 2445.

By Natasha Platero, FACE Parent

TECCS Staff with Patty & Bernice

Academic Awards Assembly

The Academic Awards Assembly will be held today in TCS Gymnasium.  The community is welcomed to join the festivities.

Parent Corner

          Google Chromebook Tutorial Videos




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