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9th – 12th Grade Online Resources

This list is being constantly updated of online resources, so our students can continue to learn while in their respective household.


Disney Imagineering in a Box

Disney and Khan Academy have provided a free online course consisting of 32 videos that explore the behind the scenes of Disney park. Super fun and exciting to see the construction of the park with science and math based methods.


Offers online free lessons in advanced Math such as Arithmetic, Algebra &Geometry, Calculus & Advanced Math, and Statistics and Probability.


This website offers printable reference tables to help with Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry, and more. A forum board is available for students to ask questions.


This site offers free streams once per week for each subjects of AP classes.

Dave’s Short Trig Course

Through Clark’s University, the Short Trig Course offers a basic introduction to trigonometry.

Purple Math

Offers homework guidelines, local tutors, and lessons ranging from K-12th grade math.



Hippocampus main website offers educational content on Natural Sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science.

Smithsonian Resources

Offers a spreadsheet covering Science topic, Smithsonian resource name and URL to the activity/information. Separated by grade band Pre K – 12th grade.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

An informative website that explores life science, physical science, and planetary science. There is an option to watch episodes and home experiment demos.

National Geographic

NG website had collections of learning activities for parents to implement within the home. Students can have engaging, fun lessons in social studies, geography, science, and more for K-12th grade.

Chem Matters

Offers a magazine and a Chem club that helps high school students find connections between chemistry and the environment around them. Offers videos and articles by topic.


Students can watch live science classes by video conference and the site gives 150 science activities for older students.

Anatomy Arcade

Provides fun, interactive games, activities, flashcards, and educational videos about the body.

Flipping Physics

Uses a comedic approach to teach physics in a clear method through videos and reviews.

University of California Museum of Paleontology

Includes lessons and short courses on dinosaurs, evolution, geology, and more. Provides links for K- 16 years old teacher and student resources.

Language Arts


This site offers videos and educational content on English, Religion, Crafting an Effective Writer: Video Collection, and more.

High School Writing Guides to:

Eight Rules for Effective Writing

Steps in Writing a Research Paper

Writing a Critical Book Review

Poetry Foundation

This site gives access to online discussions and creative writing workshops. All poems would be located here in their Poetry magazine, news, and readings.

Common Lit

Students can make a free account and access a digital lesson library, assessments, and essay passages accompanied with comprehension questions.

Purdue Owl

This site is super helpful for graduating seniors who are on their way to college! Use this site to become familiar with MLA, APA, and/or Chicago format throughout your essays. Basic writing skills.

Good Reads

This website offers various reviews of thousands of books. A fun activity is having your child pick a book to read and post their own review. Create a free account today.

English Grammar Online

This site is great for a variety of lessons caters to teaching English as a foreign language. It is also a great resource for games and activities to be done within the home.

Social Studies


In the realm of social studies, hippocampus offers online lessons on economics, History &Government, and Sociology accompanied by video collections for more courses.

History Matters

This site offers teaching assignments using web resources, archives from teachers and scholars, syllabi, and a full resource list of educational passages for students to read.

Smithsonian Resources

Offers a spreadsheet covering social Studies/History topic, Smithsonian resource name and URL to the activity/information. Separated by grade band Pre K – 12th grade.

American Battlefield Trust

This website features the latest Civil War preservation news, battle maps for major battles, articles, photos, and more to help children engage with history.


Educational shows and at-home study guides for easy use.

Women’s Natural History Museum

Super great resource to teach your children about women’s history. They provide free curriculums, lesson plans, and video biographies. 

Teaching History

Parents/students can use this site to watch digital stories, get teaching materials, lesson plans, and teaching guides. There are links available on the site that caters to elementary, middle, and high school level.

Historical Thinking Matters

This page teaches students how to read primary sources and construct historical narratives. Students can conduct their own “investigations” of historical events to foster historical thinking and understanding. 

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