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Google Chromebook Tutorial Videos

Hello! Welcome to our page dedicated to tutorials made by TCS staff to assist our parents and students during their remote learning. If none of these videos assist you with your specific problem, please send an email with your contact information to AskTCS@tohajiilee.com.

Enjoy learning and stay tuned for more videos in the future!

For those who just received their Chromebook, you would need to set up to the student in question. Please download and follow this document in how to do that.

How do I download ZOOM on my Chromebook?

You will learn how to:

-Download the Zoom App on your Chromebook

-Pin the app on your Chromebook task bar

-How to sign in using the StateID#@tohajiileeschool.com

How do I join a class on Google Classroom?

You will learn how to:

-Sign in using the StateID#@tohajiileeschool.com

-Join a class using a teacher’s code.

How do I navigate and submit assignments in my Google class?

You will learn how to:

-Use Google Classroom features

-Navigate where to find upcoming/missing/completed assignments

-Submit assignments using google docs

-Use the google calendar

TCS Website Navigation 1 of 3 – Main Page Overview

You will learn how to:
-Get onto our TCS website successfully.
-Find our message of the day
-View and use our Parent Letter Archive
-View and use our TCS Announcements Archive
-View our lunch menu.
-Navigate to our Chromebook Information and Technology help

TCS Website Navigation 2 of 3 – Parent/Student Resources

You will learn how to:

– Use our Right sidebar links to helpful information for Parents and Students:

  • Chromebook Tutorials
  • 2020-21 Enrollment Forms
  • Additional Household Help During COVID-19
  • Student Services page
  • Virtual Fieldtrips page
  • Virtual Activities page
  • BFG Quizzes still available

TCS Website Navigation 3 of 3 – Additional Resources/Tab Overview

You will learn how to:

– Use our Left sidebar links to reach helpful information for Parents and Students:

  • To’Hajiilee Community School Facebook page
  • Access to our AskTCS@tohajiilee.com email for Chromebooks
  • Staff links to TCS Email and NASIS.
  • Career links to vacancy announcements, applications, and documentation.
  • TCS map directions and contact information.
  • COVID-19 Parent & Student Resource Page
  • TCS Resource Flyer
  • Recent News of new postings.

-Use our header menu and sub-tabs for more information

More videos coming soon!

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          Google Chromebook Tutorial Videos




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